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        We're currently focusing on making usability improvements for iResource, so that you can get things done quicker and it'll be a much more enjoyable experience. To do that we need to find out which bits you like and which bits you don't.

        Thank you for letting us know your thoughts.

        Thank you, we're glad you like this page, we've let the developers know so they can try to make the others just as good.

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        Thank you for letting us know this page needs some work. Could you please let us know a bit about the problem below? We read every comment, and every comment helps us to improve iResource. We'll do everything we can to improve iResource with the resources available.

        Right now iResource can be used on a tablet but it's not a great experience. We're looking into ways to make it better, but by telling us about your problems with this you can help steer us in the right direction.
        We're a small team, meaning that we have to target resources. Our priority going forward is to make iResource work on modern browsers and mobile devices. Sadly, to achieve this it will not be possible to support Internet Explorer 6 and 7, which are both very old and break a lot of things which are essential to a good user experience for all the other browsers, as well as being a huge security risk. It's not a decision taken lightly, but we cannot support these older browsers.
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        The site does not perform at its best in IE7, because it's very old (it came out in 2006) and doesn't support modern internet standards.

        Microsoft are no longer supporting IE7 or any versions of Windows that run it (click for more info) which means that you will not receive the security updates needed to keep your system safe. We strongly advise upgrading to a newer browser that better supports modern standards.

        We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Both will make the internet much more pleasant to use, because they are fast enough to support modern web applications.


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